The Honey’s Mini Therapy Adventures program is something made from dreams, hope, hard work and a little bit of mini magic! They are such a fabulous group of individuals that travel all over the state of Florida to deliver smiles to people of all ages, from babies in the hospitals, college students, to senior citizens! These minis truly have a mega impact on anyone they cross paths with, they instantly provide a glimmer of that hope, faith to keep going, happiness, sense of calm and comfort, and just simply a moment for the people to forget everything that’s going on in there lives to connect, touch and receive love from these magnificent mini horses! I have seen it first hand with senior citizens bring back memories they thought were forgotten, but the sight of the minis instantly brings them back to childhood when they grew up with horses and they get to remember those personal experiences and love on them. It will truly bring tears to your eyes seeing these Mimi’s make such a difference. They especially go to colleges during finals/testing weeks to offer a sense of escape from the students stress and they have the opportunity to connect and feel that sense of calming coming across them. Just that deep breath moment for such a stressful period in people’s lives. I believe honeys is a fabulous organization and so well deserving of every accomplishment and accolade they have been honored with this far. That’s why I’m taking my time to write this in because I believe they are so deserving and could truly benefit from every opportunity that they can to grow and keep changing peoples lives with there impact! I love honeys and hope you all get to meet them one day and experience for your self what that moment of magic looks like for you! Thank you!

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