Therapy Horses Help People in Tampa Bay

Honey’s Mini Therapy Adventures provides a service to the Tampa Bay community.The organization’s purpose is incredible. It truly brings joy to the people we share the horses with, and the volunteers also get to feel that joy.

The therapy horses’ teams have visited numerous nursing homes and local schools. In October 2019, I became a volunteer for this organization and have enjoyed bringing smiles and joy all over Tampa Bay. Unfortunately, in early 2020 a student died by suicide at a local charter school. Our organization provided a therapy horse team over three days so that each student and staff could meet and visit with the miniature horse while they processed losing a classmate. It was amazing to see how the students healed with the horses. We have also brought them to local college campuses during Fall welcome week or to help with exam stress at the end of the semester.

In 2022, I have the privilege of sharing these tiny horses with one of the top hospitals in the Tampa Bay area(hopefully more in the near future). Tampa General allows our tiny horses to volunteer at their hospital to help provide their patients, guests, and staff with a unique type of Pet Therapy. People of all ages (not just the pediatric unit) love getting visits by a miniature horse. In addition, the staff, patients, and visitors can enjoy meeting and visit with one of our therapy horses.

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