Mini Horse Making a Big Difference

Banyan Pediatric Care Centers is a prescribed pediatric extended care (PPEC) facility. We are essentially a medical daycare for special needs children 0-21 who require nursing throughout the day. We also offer transportation, meals, and therapy services daily. Our kids are used to getting OT, PT, and Speech… but horse therapy was a new, special treat for them. Watching a mini horse trot down our medical-grade floors was quite the sight to see. Our kids who typically struggle with emotional regulation, tantrums, and aggressive behavior were instantly calm among its presence. It was fascinating to watch. Not only is horse therapy itself unique, but Honey’s and their owners were also unique in their generosity. Our facility, being Medicaid funded, runs on a tight budget. But Honey’s offered to do 3 visits to each of our 3 facilities for FREE! They traveled hours to see us. They felt that spreading Honey’s love to our children was more important than any fee. We appreciate them and their visit sooo much and look forward to more!

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