Making Changes in our Community using Horses

Honey’s Mini Therapy Adventures has six therapy horse teams that visit hospitals, schools, and colleges. Plus, we go to nursing homes weekly. I have seen some incredible moments along the adventures with the founder Mary Rose and the horses. Moments have truly impacted people in a way that most don’t understand until they experience it in person.

They have helped cancer patients in pediatric facilities. One of my favorite stories was about a young cancer patient who was going through chemo and had lost her hair. She had a small rubber band that she kept on her wrist. She braided one of the therapy horses’ hair and turned to her father, “I told you I would need this rubber band for a friend in need. I needed this for my new friend, Honey.” She placed that rubber band in Honey’s braided mane as her parents’ cried tears of joy. These miniature horses significantly impact our community in ways we don’t quite understand. Our organization still has that rubber band because it meant a lot to us for her to give it to our therapy horse.

Another amazing visit was when a senior remembered all her favorite times of owning horses over the years. She also told us about her daughter and the beautiful horses that she raised. She smiled as she talked about how much her daughter would love to meet our tiny horses. At the end of the visit, a young woman walked up to us as we left the facility. She thanked us for bringing in the small horse. She asked us to promise we would keep taking the tiny horses to facilities no matter what. We, of course, told her we would continue. She said, “You have given me a gift that nobody has been able to give me in almost five years,” she said, “I got to see my mom today. She talked about me and said my name and my horses’ names. My mom still loves me, she doesn’t even know I am here in this room, but today I saw her remember me. So, thank you.”

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