Since high school, 22 years, Stacy and Chad have been sweethearts. They shared their life together but somehow never got around to getting married. Stacy’s mother Carol always wanted the two to make it official. Carol’s wish came finally came true on a late Monday afternoon in September in her room at Suncoast Hospice’s Care Center in St. Petersburg. When Carol’s care team found out Stacy wanted to make this wish come true for her mother, they sprang in to action. William, the Center’s Manager, made sure Carol’s room was prepared for the event, Alicia the volunteer coordinator ensured there was a beautiful cake and flowers to decorate the room as well as for the bride to carry, Christine the primary nurse helped Carol look her best and be comfortable for the ceremony, Josh the spiritual care coordinator worked with the family minister on the ceremony, Hannah the social worker helped get the marriage license and Cathy from Marketing was on hand to take photos and record the ceremony so the family could have these precious memories preserved. The ceremony was attended by Stacy and Chad’s 2-year-old son, a handful of friends, members of her Suncoast Hospice care team and friends on Facetime who were out of the area. Stacy and Chad shared these beautiful moments with Carol that were perfect in timing as Carol passed away peacefully overnight.

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