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Last year, Courtney Blair’s Girl Scout leader, as well as her grandmother, were both diagnosed with cancer. Everyday activities, such as riding in a car with a seatbelt or wearing a favorite purse, were made less painful with a port pillow – a small rectangular pillow that creates a soft barrier for chemotherapy ports. The ports are often made of hard plastics or silicone that can be abrasive and uncomfortable for patients.

After witnessing the relief provided by the pillows, Courtney took the initiative to reach out to the Child Life team at Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital with an idea – could she create and donate at least 50 port pillows to the hospital’s Cancer and Blood Disorder’s Institute to be distributed to pediatric cancer patients? The pillows would be handmade and feature child-themed patterns. Parents could attach them to their child’s car seats – relieving the friction of the seat harnesses against the chemo ports.

All Children’s is thrilled to work with Courtney, a Senior Girl Scout, on this innovative and compassionate project. Upon completion of 80 hours Courtney will receive her Girl Scout’s Gold Award. But more importantly, she will bring immeasurable relief to dozens of families undergoing chemotherapy at the hospital.

One thought on “A Cushion for Kids with Cancer

  1. What a heart warming story.
    Courtney has a heart of gold and will obtain her GS Gold Award on the completion of this project.
    Amazing young girl!

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