Suncoast Credit Union Supports Vulnerable Seniors With Social Connection Through Seniors in Service TelePals

Amy Manning, Seniors in Service

As the world began to shut down and words like “social distancing” and “quarantine” became part of our everyday language, Seniors in Service knew our services to help isolated seniors were needed more than ever. Through generous support from Suncoast Credit Union, we were able to socially connect even more seniors as TelePals. Loneliness has physical and mental consequences that can be devastating. The pandemic deepened that divide. TelePals provides a solution by engaging volunteers who regularly call isolated seniors and let them know they have someone who cares. For some it may be the only conversation they have all day.

Suncoast Credit Union has always supported seniors, so when they heard about TelePals they jumped in to help. Not only did they provide financial support to significantly expand the program, their employees recognized the importance and became volunteers.

Suncoast Credit Union knows TelePals has value beyond the pandemic. Long before COVID-19 we faced a crisis, a loneliness epidemic that was devastating to seniors. Now that many sources of COVID-19 emergency response funding have expired, Suncoast Credit Union is continuing their financial support to continue TelePals expansion and provide social connection for seniors across Tampa Bay. Their support will also help connect vulnerable seniors with the most urgent needs to essential resources such as nutritious food, stable housing, technology and health care.

Cora has been receiving phone calls every day for over a year from her TelePal, Angie. With tears in her eyes Cora shared, “The TelePals program is the best thing you could have ever done. Angie brought me through some dark times. When COVID got me it was Angie who got me through. Not my family, not my acquaintances, Angie did.” Seniors in Service is proud to partner with Suncoast Credit Union to ensure our most vulnerable seniors are not forgotten.

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