Philanthropy with Pizazz – Steve & Marie Beaty

George Ann Bissett, Dunedin Fine Art Center

Steve Beaty, Dunedin Fine Art Center (DFAC) board member for six years has been critical for our fundraising efforts. Steve a businessman and an empresario, with a can-do charismatic personality, Steve chaired our biggest fundraising event, the Annual Garden Party, for three years, doing  extremely well. The 2020 Garden Party was postponed, the Board wanted to cancel it due to Covid. Steve, our P.T. Barnum, refused to let this major fundraiser go. Steve led DFAC into creating the first all virtual Garden Party and it made more money than any other Garden Party in its 40-year history.

Steve and his wife, Marie, chaired the event, pulled all Board of Directors members into the fray, and kept the whole event going based on the theme of Heard it on the Grapevine. This lead DFAC into being the go-to organization to help others with Steve at the helm.  The Beaty’s personal contribution to the Garden Party was very generous and with their funds they were able to raise thousands more. They netted $200,000 for DFAC which during Covid and our shutdown was a lifesaving amount of money.

Following on, DFAC’s Sterling Society’s annual Founders Luncheon was cancelled, and Steve stepped in, giving a generous gift, encouraging others to step-up, and orchestrated a Hybrid event at the Dunedin Golf Club.  People attended in person and many via Zoom. The auction was exceptional and the Bid from the Heart, just as in DFAC’s Garden Party, raised thousands due to Steve’s impassioned appeal.

Steve Beaty, owner of DEXdocs and Highland Sales, and other companies, was raised in Dunedin and has committed his business expertise to raising funds for DFAC and other organizations. Steve’s businesses keep him very busy but his talent for fundraising through creativity and drive have greatly benefitted DFAC for six years.

We honor Steve & Marie Beaty, partners in uplifting and supporting DFAC.

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