DFAC Founder Lives her Legacy – Syd Entel

George Ann Bissett, Dunedin Fine Art Center

Syd Entel founded the Dunedin Fine Art Center (DFAC) in 1969 with the Clearwater-Dunedin Junior League, formerly Junior Service League of Dunedin. Syd asked the City of Dunedin to use land on Michigan Blvd, from that request, the campaign to build an art center was launched.  In 1975 it came to fruition, DFAC opened in a 1,400 sq. ft. building. Throughout DFAC’s  46 years, Syd is an integral part, and today’s organization has a 40,000 sq. ft. building, and 2 ancillary buildings. Also, she founded the Sterling Society, the auxiliary group, who helps with programs and fundraising, and she created the annual Patron of the Arts Luncheon.

Syd Entel, worked tirelessly for decades, helping the organization grow. Her children and grandchildren attended the Summer Art Camp. She was key in facilitating the inauguration and growth of teaching visual arts to all ages.

During Capital Campaigns for expansion, she and spouse, Dr. Irwin Entel, chaired the campaigns until 1997 and named one of the 7 galleries in honor of the Entel Family.  During the Creative Visions Campaigns from 2010 to 2020, Syd was a lead donor and named the Founders Hall.

Syd’s passion for art is seen in her business the Syd Entel Gallery in Safety Harbor.  Her knowledge of the community and art have made it possible for DFAC to be known as an outstanding visual arts center.

Syd will be 90 years old September 10, and she has NOT slowed down; chairing an upcoming event, a High Tea with the astronaut Nicole Stott. Syd has personally written over 100 letters to DFAC’s Circle of Giving groups and friends promoting this event.

Syd Entel has donated nearly $1 million dollars and priceless amounts of her time. She has given 53 years of her endless energy, quick thinking, and devotion to the belief that art is one of the most important aspects of life.

It is an honor to nominate Syd Entel, Founder of DFAC, for her exceptional Vision in creating, building, and helping to sustain DFAC.

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